Gratuitous Gift Guides - Christmas Edition

Gone are the days when clunky old game consoles or avocados as presents made kids smile from ear to ear with unadulterated joy and gratitude. These days even the latest of gadgets and the most delicately handcrafted item could be scoffed at or easily forgotten by the spoiled youth of today. But enough about that, this gift guide is for all the beloved caffeine-fueled, sleep deprived communication arts students in our lives. Photo by

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Ah, Christmas. The best time of the year to let out your bad, entitled self. Whether it’s something material or just an experience you want to share with someone, we can’t deny that there are some things we wish were just that easy. In this day and age when everyone just wants more, more and more, let’s look at what some of our fellow students are hoping to find waiting for them come Christmas morning. Photo by Mike Arney